CFD providers in Australia

This article is not a recommendation to trade with any particular broker or service.

Find out what it means to you as a CFD trader, with the various CFD providers and CFD brokers becoming available in Australia.

They all have different features. But how do they affect how you trade your system, as well as the profitability and performance of your system?

It was in 2003, that there were providers with no commission in Australia (just like they do everywhere else in the world).

Then in 2003, they had a change where commission was introduced, and at the same time the tradable stocks went from the top 200 ASX to the top 100 ASX.

This saw many people’s results halved.

Also, more competitors entered the field.

Now, in June 2006, there are 7-8 CFD providers in Australia, such as IG Markets, E-trade, Man Financial, Sonray Capital Markets, etc each with different margins, commissions, and spread widenings (if any).

So there’s more choice.

This is like in any field, where a trading product is popular, and where it’s a growth industry.

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3 Responses to CFD providers in Australia

  1. P Ban says:

    I am actually looking for a CFD blog which gives a comparison of various leading CFDs brokers across the following parameters:

    (a) RANGE/DEPTH OF MARKETS COVERED (Australian, International)

    (b) Trading Costs

    (c) Reliability in terms of credit risk of the firm

    Till date, I haven’t found a site which gives this information in a nice TABLE format. It could be pretty useful if you could write a blog covering that – it might require some bit of research though!

  2. Hi P,

    Thanks for your comments!

    There’s actually a site that has a comparison of CFD brokers in a table format. It’s at:

    It’s got Australian CFDs and UK also.

    Hope that’s convenient.

  3. Cfd says:

    CFD trading on the webiress trading platform is surprisingly good, but inferior to dealing on ProDeal. It works well, but isn’t as fast as ProDeal, and has a clunkier interface. If you ever occasionally plan on using a web browser it’s not a problem, but if you are planning to trade allot from your home computer then the advanced charting on ProDeal may be vital.

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