Ig Markets CFD Brokers Changes Their Transaction Costs

This article is not a recommendation to trade with any particular broker or service.

IG Markets for CFD trading has just changed its transaction costs on August 1st 2006.

Their commissions are now 0.1% Australian share CFDs.

We’ve mentioned before that the increased number of CFD brokers and providers in Australia will probably bring a change in trading conditions as more market makers come into the picture.

They also have a CFD trading platform, and offer either regular CFDs or DMA (direct market access CFDs).

Their commission for DMA CFDs are $10 minimum however.

For more information see, their page.

So this is interesting news for CFD traders (Ig Market’s previous commission was 0.2%) as gives them more choice.

Stay tuned for more updates on CFD providers and CFD brokers.

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