A New CFD Broker In Australia: Tricom

This article is not a recommendation to trade with any particular broker or service.

Has anyone used Tricom?

Any feedback?

With any broker, check all their credentials and commissions and costs.

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2 Responses to A New CFD Broker In Australia: Tricom

  1. Kevin .Barber says:

    Hi , just a quick note to say this a great site you have..As yet I haven\’t started trading of any kind , although I have started a account with CMC last week.I have received their training software and are about to start….So I have some simple questions from a newbie ? When you talk of slippage..that would be gaps in the market eg price drop over night. Also back testing would mean checking charts from past to see if a system shows strong entry points…..YES/NO….Anyway once again a great informative site very helpful…..CHEERS

  2. Hi Kevin,

    Great question!

    With slippage, this refers to getting into the market at a different price than you expect to, because of fast market movement.

    For example, if you intend to buy a CFD at a price of $5.70 but because of rapid rises in the market, you get in at $5.80, this means that your slippage is 10c.

    Thus, this can\\\’t be backtested, as your entry price depends on the liquidity in the market at the time, and whether your order is placed before someone elses. If you trade very liquid stocks (high turnover stocks), then slippage is not as common as if you trade illiquid stocks (low turnover stocks).

    Hope this helps!


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