Slippage in CFD trading online

Yes, it happens in CFD trading, slippage.

But for some people only?

How do you avoid it – if this is even possible? Is it because the CFD broker is annoyed with you and just doing it too you?Well, this is why some CFD traders go to DMA CFD providers?

What’s DMA?

Well, this type of CFD means the order is “placed” into the physical market (Direct Market Access), so you participate in the market opens if your order is placed before market open. So if you nter in the mornings and want to get the exact open, DMA CFDs can do this. If you don’t mind getting the price after the open, or to manually place an order after the market opens, then you can do it with a non DMA provider.

With stop losses in CFD trading, it depends on the CFD broker or CFD provider. If they decide to fill you at a slipped price, they can (they make the rules up), though usually they’ll follow the rules. That is if enough shares of stocks trade at a price or a series of prices, then you should get out.

But each CFD provider’s rules are different, so you have to know the rules.

If theres’s an apparent “mistake” you can call them up – some providers will “correct” the price for you, some will not.

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