Plus 500

This article is not a recommendation to trade with any particular broker.

1. Commission rate

Was 0 commission.

2. Instruments you can trade

You can trade CFDs on a variety of instruments, including CFDs on stocks (shares), forex, indices and commodities.

3. Margin

Plus 500 has up to 1:200 leverage, in other words, up to 0.5% margin.

Note that with most CFDs, to check the actual amount of margin required for any particular CFD as they may differ between each CFD, eg some may be 0.5% while others are 1% etc.

4. Order types

Plus500 has a variety of order types, including:

Market prices – buy or sell at market prices

Stop Limit orders -  a take profit order, eg to sell if the CFD reaches a certain price

Stop Loss orders – to protect from losses (cut losses short), eg to sell if a CFD falls below a certain price, ie to exit the position if the CFD price goes against you to a certain extent.

Trailing Stop Loss orders – to protect from losses, but the stop loss is automatically moved as the price moves. For example, you can enter a stop loss price, or enter a percentage from the current price, amongst other options.

Entry orders – stop entry, and limit entries (both long and short)

5. Demo account

A demo account allows you to:

a. Get used to the trading platform to place trades

b. Check the instruments to trade

c. Ensure that the platform works smoothly and reliably

So look for the above features, and more, to help with your CFD trading.

Also, the provider has other instruments to trade such as Shares, Forex, Indices, Commodities, and has eg spread of 2 pips for EUR/USD.

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