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Here's some interesting breaking news in CFD trading as well as the global financial markets in general from around the world, affecting CFDs, stocks and other trading instruments in that country and in almost every trader around the world:

China Stocks May Rise 21% on Valuations according to this Bloomberg USA report in 2011.

CFD Traders Want More Education and could this mean something important for the industry this year?

The Slump in the US market this year and how it affects the other 'folllowing' markets.

Will CFD Traders need a certificate to trade, according to this new report in Australia

Turning 1 000 into 100 000 with Which Stocks? according to this analyst's picks of stocks.

Exchange traded or listed CFDs and why they have been produced

How does gold help your porfolio and investment and whether commodities investment is the hot thing right now?

Another report on the recent US movements from USA Today.


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