About CFD Providers

It wasn't long ago that there weren't that many CFD brokers or CFD providers around.

Sure, there were plenty of stock brokers around for share trading, but as online trading for cfds became more known, one, then more CFD providers started gradually appearing.

But do CFD providers affect how traders actually trade?

Well, as CFDs became more well known and more providers came into the picture, more people were aware of the choices they had when it came to CFD trading.

As a result of competition, the commission, margins and CFDs offered evolved over time.

This is what we've seen for example in Australia:

1. A change in the number of CFDs offered. This generally increased over time when it comes to share CFDs.

2. A change in the margin requirements. Generally speaking, for low volume CFDs, there is a higher margin, which is to be expected.

3. A change in commissions. Some CFD providers or brokers have lowered their commissions over time, while others have raised.

4. The number of CFDs that are shortable also changed. Depending on market conditions, some providers are now offering more stock or share CFDs to be able to be shorted.

5. The monthly fees. Some CFD providers offer the monthly fee for data eg ASX fee waived if you are an active trader.

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